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That Kind of Love Goes a Long Way {The Sisters Song}

Everyone’s worried about having enough, having enough today
Selfish and frightened we hold tight, so no one will take it away
But once in a blue moon a kindness is done, one you could never repay
And you wonder why someone would help you out
That kind of love goes a long way
This is the truth, you can have it for free, have it for free my friend
Take it or leave it, oh but believe it, it all measures out in the end
There’s no denying that love is a choice, day, by day, by day
You spoke up for someone who had no voice
That kind of love goes a long way
A long way, a long way
I can’t imagine a world without you, a world without you would be wrong
I don’t have to wonder just where you come from, ‘cause it doesn’t matter at all
There’s no denying a heart big as yours, a heart big as yours, so brave
Courage that stepped in and saved the day
That kind of love goes a long way.

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Join Us… Share Us… Support Us.

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Sharon, Oregon
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