How this All Began for Us

Sisters Connected started after many conversations among us. After observing the divisiveness inherent in our country whether it be political, racial, public safety or public health we started talking to our “Sisters” about what we could do.

Jeanie and Jill are two of six sisters from the Pacific Northwest. Sheila, “Aunt Sis”, and Jonell are our Southern “Sisters”.  Vanessa joined us to complete the group. “Aunt Sis” was born and raised in South Carolina and was a resident of Nashville, Tennessee for 40 years. Jonell was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky and has been a resident of Nashville, Tennessee since 1985.  Vanessa was raised in a large family in New Mexico and now calls Kansas City home.
The conversations among us kept coming back to “What can I do? What common ground do we all have? How can we open a dialogue about accepting our different approaches while responding with respect and honesty?” Those conversations led us to create Sisters Connected. This is a grassroots effort to encourage women to support women to change the future. No more tirades, negativity and name-calling, we seek political conversations with integrity! We believe politics should reflect our values and Sisters Connected aims to find ways to nurture real dialogue and connection because “It’s hard to hate up close”. We want to find common ground through our shared values of Freedom, Fairness, Family and our Futures using 3 simple actions anyone can take: VOTE!  HELP!  TALK!

Who We Are


Salem, Oregon
I am the second oldest of 6 sisters raised in a conservative Catholic family in Washington. I am a retired high school teacher with 44 years of teaching experience and multiple advanced degrees. I have always taken my voting responsibility seriously, but I’ve never been a political person….UNTIL NOW!  I am so outraged, on a daily basis, that I have this burning need to DO SOMETHING….. but what? I didn’t know where to start. I am a registered Independent voter so I didn’t have a party to go to.  In continued discussion about this urge to help I found myself engaged with my sister, Jill, in a new way. I found that she also felt the same way…. WE NEEDED TO DO SOMETHING. When Sheila, Jill’s ‘sister friend’ joined the conversation we concluded some common values that we labeled Freedom, Fairness, Family, Future.  We wanted to use these as a base to open the discussion that will engage others like us and enable them to also find a way to help. I hope that our dialogue, and the work we have done on Sisters Connected, will move others to action and to share this even further.  WE NEED CHANGE IN THIS ELECTION! VOTE!  HELP!  TALK!


Olympia, Washington
I began my professional career in the wireless industry. As a business person and entrepreneur, I have launched numerous wireless markets across all technologies both domestically and internationally. My tenure in the industry began with McCaw Communications and I went on to hold executive positions with several fortune 50 companies and consultancies. In 2003 I founded a wireless service company to support large wireless carriers. I grew that business to multiple locations across the West, Alaska, and Hawaii servicing fortune 50 companies. I sold the company in 2015 and continued as an Executive Vice President until 2017. Since the sale of my company, I have been supporting several nonprofit undertakings. I hold a BA in psychology and sociology from University of Washington and an MBA from Pacific Lutheran University I am excited about Sisters Connected because 2020 is different and through 3 simple actions we can change the future. VOTE!  HELP!  TALK!


Nashville, Tennessee
I have been a professional singer for 40 years. I’ve made my living recording, touring, performing live at festivals and venues. Large and small, my entire adult life. Residing in Nashville since 1985, I’ve been on several movie soundtracks, national commercials and the recordings of many well-known artists. The youngest of two, my mother was widowed when I was 3, my brother, 7. So in 1963 my mom went to work for the Courier Journal in Louisville KY, {one of the most respected newspapers in the country in those days} and remained until her retirement. Consequently, I was raised in a home where thoughtful ideas, clear communication and veracity were honored and encouraged. To “speak truth to power” was my right (as long as I did it with civility and respect) from the time I was a child. Though I have no biological sisters, my heart always found dear, sincere, brilliant women everywhere I’ve spent my time. My two grown sons will attest to the many wonderful “aunties” who helped and nurtured them as surely and well as any blood kin. So I claim sisters. The current political climate is toxic chaos in my estimation and what Sisters Connected offers is so important to real change and tangible improvement in addressing the problems families of every kind are facing in these troubled times. Sisters Connected can change the world. VOTE!  HELP!  TALK!


Tokeland, Washington
I have been a restaurant entrepreneur, a personal chef and a political activist. I am from the south. Jimmy Carter was my first active campaign. It was rewarding in so many ways as I had the opportunity to serve him a meal and work with him on Habitat for Humanity and continue to see his good works. I later worked for Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Hillary Clinton. I have been fortunate to have personal encounters with these people in times after leaving the office. I have worked on local campaigns in Tennessee where I lived for 40- years. I have watched and participated in the political systems for the majority of my life. I am excited about Sisters Connected because we the people, sisters and brothers, must come together to choose the person who will lead us through one of the most troubling times in American History. We need a leader! Who do you choose? Join us as we connect to VOTE!  HELP!  TALK!


Kansas City, Kansas
I am the middle child of 7 living siblings. I was born and raised in Alamogordo, New Mexico. My father was a Baptist preacher and worked on the Space Program for NASA as a rocket booster engineer. My mother was the best cook in the city. My parents took their responsibility to vote seriously. I am a business owner, and the mother of five black men, one is in Heaven. My remaining sons are all incredibly talented: Damon is a dancer/teacher, entrepreneur, Demetrius is a writer/musician, entrepreneur, David is a recent grad from University of Michigan/drummer, entrepreneur, and Jacob is a student at University of Michigan/ classical clarinetist, entrepreneur. I have a vested interest in their longevity because I brought them into this world and only God or I should be able to decide when their last day on this earth should be!  I have a lot to say on that subject; not only for my sons, but for all black men and women. I hope that our dialogue can be respectful regarding this. We are at a point in our country where a paradigm shift is necessary for this country to move forward and to live up to its better nature and values.  VOTE!  HELP!  TALK!


We are not experts so we invite you to join us in encouraging others with your ideas and comments on these issues. Send your respectful comments to us at Please include your permission for us to add your ideas to the website along with your first name and city/state.